Ștefan cel Mare și Turcii

Ștefan cel Mare și Turcii is a semi-turn-based 2 player game based on the legend of Ștefan cel Mare, a Romanian lord from the 1400s. Legends say that after each victory against the turks, he went out and shot an arrow in the sky, and he built a monastery wherever the arrow fell.

We took that literally and made a game where you must reach the highest point by building churches on top of your own (or your opponent's) churches.


Use mouse or Xbox controller to play. Also supports touchscreen (experimental).


Ștefan cel Mare și Turcii is a 24h game jam game made at Clujotronic 2016 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania by the following team:

Horatiu Roman, Dan Patiu, Iancu Vlad, Ovidiu Dragos, Inês Martins Ferreira

It was adapted later in a weekend for WebGL and Android

Published Oct 09, 2016
Made withUnity

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