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Every once in a while, you wonder how it would be like to be a cat. Having no worries, running around the house and smashing some fragile objects on the way.

Now you can have that experience, using Oculus Rift and a Kinect v2!


Space bar - toggle view (first/third person)

F1 - VR on/off

R - reset Oculus

Enter - mash it to reset cat

Kinect - your arms control the cat's front legs 1-to-1. Fling them to move around!

Since the game jam theme was Emotions, we have made the cat a paraplegic from the spine down. Hahaha, YOU are a crippled cat!!!

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GenreRole Playing


How To Cat.zip 62 MB

Install instructions

You need an Oculus Rift with optional positional tracking, a Kinect v2, and a lot of energy to run the game. There are 3rd person or 1st person view, for the people with less endurance to motion sickness.